Soulful Treats Change
Lila was born and raised in Long Beach, CA into a family of humble beginnings. There she became a mother in her early teens and moved out of her parent’s home before graduating from high school.

These events made her life a lot more difficult than it should have been, but the lessons helped shape her into the woman she is today. “I believe in God and I thank Him for my transformation and for bestowing this gift upon me.” Now, a mother of three with a college education, she is an entrepreneur and a community activist, providing resources for those in need.

With the completion of this book, she can now proudly add author to her accomplishments. Lila has been recognized by the City of Long Beach for her service in the community. This book evolved after sending daily inspirations through text messaging where, to her surprise, those messages were forwarded, and an audience was created. She dedicates this book as an encouragement to others; that they may be successful in whatever direction their paths take.

“I love the book!!!  I look at a few quotes each day, before I start my day.”

- Lupita Taylor